Career Crossroads 

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Expose, Access, Provide

The Program

Career Crossroads is a Workforce Development in-school initiative meant to engage our high school talent pipeline in Lake County

  • It EXPOSES junior and senior student to high demand industries and education opportunities.
  • It gives ACCESS to Lake County employers to engage youth in viable career paths.
  • It PROVIDES needed information to juniors and seniors regarding all career and educational options available after graduation.

Career Crossroads Event Elements

  • Overview of Workforce Development services and programs
  • Essential workplace skills training
  • Industry trends and statistics (Healthcare, Manufacturing & Trades, Professional Services, Transportation & Logistics)
  • Employers will engage students regarding in-demand career paths and employment opportunities
  • Training providers will meet with students to discuss enrollment opportunities

Key Benefits

Key Benefits for Schools:

  • Establishes relationships with local employers
  • Educates students on the opportunities available after graduation
  • Provides students with the knowledge to create their career path

Key Benefits for Employers:

  • Gives access to a potential talent pool
  • Establishes relationships with Lake County High Schools
  • Provides an opportunity to share industry trends

How to Get Started

Start by contacting Workforce Development to see how a Career Crossroads event can be planned for your high school.

Are you a Lake County high school or employer interested
in learning more about Career Crossroads?

Eric Nordstrom
[email protected]

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